Public Leadership Development Programs

The leadership development programs we offer within organisations are
also available publicly from time to time. To stay in touch with our latest offers, please sign up to our mailing list here.


Our programs are designed to meet the needs of different people in different contexts. Click on the descriptor that best reflects you to see what we can offer at present.

For Everyone

Ignite…bringing your whole self to work

You want your work life to be connected to what is important to you, so you can make your greatest contribution at work, and a significant difference in the world. When your work is like this, you are engaged, productive and your energy is sustained for the long-term.

But life seems to get in the way. Life becomes a cycle of living on autopilot – working to live and living to work … but what if there was a way to get off autopilot? To live and work passionately!

Ignite… bringing your whole self to your work was developed to help you do just that.

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For Executives

Executive Coaching

Our premium executive coaching service is designed for those in positions of authority in organisations – CEO’s and members of an executive team.

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For Change Agents

Ripples…sustaining yourself and leading change

This group coaching program is designed especially to meet the unique needs of those change agents who are at the centre of ripples of change.

If you are currently or about to lead a major change initiative that really has to be effective, join us in this group coaching program that is confidential, challenging and supportive. We intend to not only assist you to sustain your own energy but learn more about leading edge transformational change practices.

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For Managers

Leadership for Success

Our full Leadership for Success program is approximately 9 months in duration. This series of 3 half day workshops is designed to offer a sample of the  full program that is designed create enough time and support for you to really think through and implement alternative management and leadership practices that will nurture a space for you and your people to contribute their best.

There are two key characteristics that distinguish Leadership for Success from other management and leadership development programs.

  1. We assist you with leading-edge theory and practice that is founded in the principles of ‘living systems’ and systems thinking; and
  2. We assist you bridge the ‘knowing-doing’ gap.

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