Energising Change for
{insert your team challenge here}

Imagine your team united and energised on the key challenge

This one-day workshop is designed to help you bring your team together in a way that delivers tangible outputs and significant relationship or team outcomes. The day will enable you to place the challenge you are seeing on the table with a professional facilitator so that you can still participate. And there is no need to worry about how your team will respond, feedback from this workshop is always positive!

Tangible Outputs

  • Articulate a co-created and shared story (vision) about how you all want work to be like when the issue is resolved (you will all be aiming for the same outcome).
  • Identify key values that are important in making progress
  • Design and agree on the first steps to generate the changes to make progress on the challenge in a systemic manner.

Significant Outcomes

  • Develop energy for change through open and honest conversations during the day
  • Identify and build upon what you and
  • your team already do well
  • Bring the team together for the change journey
  • Nurture belief that together, you can!


“I’ve already received some fantastically positive comments from my staff about yesterday’s session and their excitement about how we will move forward. Thanks so much for your engagement and energy throughout the session,, and for the session design itself. It really resonated with me and my staff.”
Lorraine Karunaratne – General Manager, University of South Australia

“This has been one of the most enjoyable, thorough, well-designed and relevant sessions I have been a part of in my 12 years at UniSA”
Participant – University of South Australia

Energising Change provides an adaptive approach
that is required when behaviour changes that can’t be mandated, or new perspectives are required. That is, when “the people with the problem, are the problem – and the solution.”

Workshop design

The overarching design of the workshop is done, but of course, it will be customised for you, your challenge and your team.
The workshop package includes:

  • A meeting between you and Josie to understand your context and fine-tune the workshop design.
  • Delivery of the workshop (venue and catering to be organised by you and at your expense).
  • Collection of all data at end of day.
  • Voice recording and transcription of your co-created and shared vision by the end of the following week.
  • Online evaluation of the workshop that is returned to you, so you know what your team thought of the experience.
  • Follow-up call a month after the workshop to answer any emerging questions.

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