States of Mind

The way our fluctuating thinking and feeling influences the quality of our lives and work

Within these unprecedented pandemic times, many people are experiencing a prolonged period of background (and sometimes more obvious) anxiety and stress. Some people are not even aware that their own state of mind is being negatively impacted.

Learning to recognise the longer-term consequences of these experiences and how to manage our personal responses will improve the individual and collective capability to collaborate, make better decisions and positively influence performance.

Our states of mind:
  • Vary moment to moment and day to day – this is natural.
  • Can be thought of as the personal lens through which we view reality
  • Influence the way we experience life and how others experience us

As leaders, it is crucial to be aware of this influence.

We can depict of our state of mind, on a scale like that shown below.

We can learn to ‘manage’ our state of mind so that:
  • We and our teams perform better
  • We all experience life and work in more positive and satisfying ways.

States of Mind Workshop

Our states of mind workshop builds upon our understanding of adaptability of people and what is required to be resilient in a personal and system wide context. The material, like all of our work, is underpinned by extensive research and practice.

The three-hour workshop will deliver the following learning outcomes:

  • Recognising that our state of mind is an important contributor to both how we experience life in general and the outcomes we achieve when working with others.
  • Identify two, longer term strategies to nurture a more positive state of mind.
  • Identify and practice using a simple state of mind chart to use individually and within teams to discuss and improve the overall state of mind within the team.
  • Understand the implications of three key findings in relation to our state of mind.
  • Identify and practice a short-term strategy to Notice, Shift and Share a state of mind.
  • Develop a personal state of mind action plan.

As always, we will work with you to tailor this workshop to your needs. It may a quick 30-minute introduction during a standard team meeting or a longer three-hour exploration.

Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about this workshop.