Nurturing collective will to make a difference

Your context

Universities can nurture their people and culture to enable an increased sense of wellbeing, satisfaction, engagement and productivity – supporting better student outcomes and ensuring the emerging sustainability aspirations of the university are attainable.

Is this what you’re experiencing?

Our university clients are emerging from the pandemic in a state of disruption.

Many of those we are working with are discussing workplace problems that include:

  • A sense of disconnection between academic staff and professional staff – and more broadly between staff and their faculties, and the university itself resulting in staff dissatisfaction with the university’s leadership and culture.
  • Workload models that are inadequate to the task, evidenced by staff who feel overworked and stressed.
  • The need to develop a culture of collaboration to support the university’s research and teaching for a more sustainable world to impact and attract more students who are increasingly concerned (QS Sustainability Rankings).

Our approach

Our approach makes it clear that culture is everyone’s responsibility. We use specific leadership development programs to catalyse positive cultural evolution.

Our programs explore what is sometimes referred to as ‘post-heroleadership’. An understanding of leadership as a verb and as collective action – an intentional swirl of collective energy making a difference to the challenges that matter most. Importantly, our programs also equip organisations with the capacity to nurture culture and leadership that supports the shift from unsustainable and exploitative mindsets to those that are caring and sustaining.

Our process develops and nurtures connections and relationships between participants as the program progresses. They get to know and understand each other better. Participants develop a shared understanding of mutual challenges and how they may collectively make progress on their challenges.

What participants say

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