Envisioning your desired culture

A shared vision that engages everyone in evolving the organisational culture.

How can you get everyone’s day-to-day workplace activities to reflect the organisational vision?

It’s common to create top-down visions about what you want to achieve but less common to envision together about how you want to achieve them. This program does what is not usually done. In your hearts, you know the workplace culture that will enable you and the organisation to flourish. This program liberates that often unspoken knowledge.

The major outcomes from this program are:

  • Everyone will feel a strong sense of connection to and support of, a single story that describes how everyone really wants to work together.
  • Identification of the most important values underpinning your evolved culture.

Our envisioning process is our peer reviewed, proprietary solution to the challenge of engaging people over the long term, to bring their vision into reality. It’s a solution for complex challenges such as organisational culture change or communities seeking to reinvigorate their township or adapt to climate change.

Visions are important as they:

  • Are values rich and motivate people intrinsically
  • Provide a way of orienting ourselves in conditions of complexity
  • Help us make decisions about what to do and what not to do

As each organisation and its people are different, there is no standard way of delivering this program. Instead, we tailor the program to each organisation to ensure its success and create a shared vision for the organisation that everyone connects to.

Want to know more?

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“Choosing the photos that represent something important to you … opens you up even more … and creates a stronger dynamic in the group. So much so that at the end of the day, we struggled to leave and go back to work… I only have to look at those photos now and to feel deeply engaged in my work again.” 

– Envisioning participant, local council