BluePrint: increasing engagement and liberating values for sustainability


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman.

Following the success of Leadership for Success we were approached by our client to consider how we might use the same principles in a program designed for anyone in the organisation to  continue to support the client’s focus on evolving a ‘constructive’ culture and enable their people to make their greatest contribution to the organisation and its vision. BluePrint was born…

BluePrint: a process to liberate your unique contribution to the greater good.
BluePrint: a process to liberate your unique contribution to the greater good.

Overview of BLUEPRINT

BluePrint is designed to assist people to recognise what it is that they care most about and recognise the innate talents they have to act upon what they care about. It’s a self leadership development opportunity.

It assists each participant to recognise the deep unconscious beliefs they may hold that get in their way and hold them back from making their greatest contribution.

Further, the program assists build capacity to exercise leadership with others as it develops communication skills and we explore Appreciative Inquiry as a way of learning more about the context in which each person makes their greatest contribution.

The program also takes a systemic view and closes with participants sharing their personal Dream for making their greatest contribution with their line manager. Finally, line manager and participant co-design the participant’s work environment to enable the greatest and most powerful contribution in service to both the participant and the organisation.

Results and testimonials from past participants

We evaluate all our programs and below are a small selection of feedback responses from one group of participants who were asked to provide specific examples of ways in which they and their organisation have benefitted from BluePrint.

Personal benefits from the program

We believe people are ‘whole people’ – the way they behave and interact at home is an indicator of learning as much as that applied at work.  Personal benefits from the program have included:

  • I’ve taken more time out to stop, think and reflect on my life
  • It made me look at what I loved about work and what I wanted in the future and put in a plan/dream which I could share with my manager.
  • I put my hand up to do Frontline Management and have successfully completed that in the hope that it will take be further in my career.
  • Encouraging my daughter to follow her passion for Egyptology for study and work experience
  • I have realised in a very practical way that we are all different – and thats good.

Organisational benefits from the program

  • Manager has discussed opportunities for undertaking other work outside my current role.
  • Changed the way I communicate with others in the work environmentand personally. Made me think how can I help others to reach their full potential as well as my own.
  • Mental Models/Patterns – the way you communicate can often be “by rote” and drawing attention to that would improve communication – am I just talking on automatic pilot?
  • Yes the program has given me a chance to think about what I want to achieve and explore how to make it happen.  I believe getting managers involved was helpful.
  • Became more settled and accepting of the situation at work – trying to find different ways of approaching work instead of grumbling about it.
  • I am now leading by example and having an amazing life – living the dream!!!
  • I am now thinking which can only benefit [client organisation].
  • My Manager is now more aware of my aspirations and we are working towards them together
  • Provides an opportunity for people to assess where they are workwise, which no doubt benefits the organisation as people can consider if they are giving their best for the organisation and how they might improve that.
  • A happy employee will contribute more to their organisation. A fantastic program to encourage individuals to become what they are to be – full potential – Discover – Dream – Design – Destiny
  • I will take more ownership of projects
  • It has highlighted some mental models that I can improve and by taking responsibility for my attitudes I will be a better person to be around.   Thank you so much!

Longer term impacts

Catching up with participants 12 months after the conclusion of programs has revealed that:

  • approximatley 10% of partcipants have moved on to an another oragnisation seeking a better fit
  • a further 50% have been promoted into a position of higher authority or undertaken specific skill development to enable them to broaden their scope without promotions
  • and 100% who attended the review session (approximately 85% of participants) have said that even though they had not consciously made decisions to move them closer to their Dream conditions for making their greatest contribution, in fact in hindsight, they are much closer. Their Dream is still active and evolving.

To find out more about enabling the Cultivation of Profound Change

BluePrint is one of our small suite of programs specifically designed to cultivate the conditions for a profound change – creating a flourishing organisation.

If BluePrint is of interest to you, please contact us to arrange a no obligation Discovery Session to determine how we can best assist you.

We look forward to the opportunity to put our greatest contribution into your service.