True Teaming

Developing high performing teams who can complete the big tasks.

How effective is your team at delivering the results you need?

Teams have become an increasingly important structure as organisations strive to deliver heightened performance and more innovative solutions to increasingly complex problems.

Finding a reliable method to develop a high-performing team has been a long-time coming. Traditional team building days and activities have proven to be of limited value in transferring needed skills to the real work situation. In our True Teaming program delivered over 3-6 months, we coach the team as it carries out its real, everyday work – addressing the human dynamics and the work processes within the team.

Nurturing a true team provides a flexible structure that allows team members to play more fully to their strengths, make better decisions together and deliver complex projects. It is a structure within which learning occurs easily, naturally and continuously.

Delivery of the complete True Teaming™ program also includes individual coaching with the Team Leader and has four stages:

  • Diagnostic
  • Design of team structure
  • Team launch
  • Team coaching

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about how True Teaming could work in your organisation, get in touch and we can catch up for a coffee!


“Good program, well sponsored and support of this program is continuing…Josie has been exceptional for me personally and I have also seen the positive influence she has had on all members of the team along the journey. The team program is outstanding and I believe has contributed significantly to the program we have made in SA/NT this year.”

– State Manager, retail industry