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Company Summary

The Partnership provides a systemic approach to organisational change. This means that we serve the interests of the whole system that includes your organisation. We see and work with the whole in a way that honours whole people, whole teams, and whole organisations. Appreciating the relationships between these subsystems allows us to deliver proven results.

Studies show that between 70-90% of all organisational change initiatives fail. Our systemic approach generates proven success, founded on new wisdom developed from an understanding of living systems.

We view an organisation not as a machine in need of tuning, but as a living system requiring nurturing. Change is an organic, natural, and emergent quality of every organisation – it can be influenced, but not controlled.

We identify leverage points where small changes can produce disproportionately larger outcomes over time. We work within your purpose, vision, and values. The outcome of our work is the development of your individual and organisational capacity to influence the ongoing evolution of your organisation’s culture in a way that enables new futures to flourish.

Josie’s Qualifications

  • PhD (organisational sustainability and cultural transformation, leadership, complexity)
  • Graduate Diploma in Management
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Leadership studies at Harvard University, USA.
  • Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Josie’s Awards

  • Dean’s Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence
  • International Coaching Federation – 2009 President’s Award for services to the Australasian coaching industry (International Award)
  • University of SA’s Most Outstanding Student Award in 1996 for Grad Dip In Mgt course.

Josie’s Publications


Big Little Shifts: A practitioner’s guide to complexity for organisational change and adaptation (2020)

Organizational Change as Emergence: A Living Systems Perspective, Handbook of Systems Sciences, Springer, 2021
Sam Wells, Josie McLean, Pages 559-581

Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice
By: Alison Whybrow (Editor), Eve Turner (Editor), Josie McLean (Editor), Peter Hawkins (Editor)
Due for release on 2 December, 2022

Academic Papers

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