Discovering new knowledge with 100% participation

Need some innovative answers to questions you can’t think of the answers to?

The Partnership is excited to now offer workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials. We are also integrating this methodology into our individual, team and leadership development programs.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, communication, and problem-solving technique used to unlock knowledge hidden in the subconscious mind to answer complex questions as a group.

LSP is based on extensive research from the fields of business, psychology, and organisation development and is based around the idea that our hands are connected to around 80% of our brain. Have you ever wondered why you subconsciously fiddle with a pen or scratch your chin when you’re trying to think? When we actively use our hands in our thinking, we are able to unlock and access knowledge that we didn’t know was there. LSP takes pen-fiddling and chin-scratching to a whole new level by engaging our hands in building the ideas that are dormant in our minds!

During a workshop using the LSP techniques and methodology, 100% of your group become active participants. This is compared to only 20% participation in a typical meeting. You are guided through the process by our facilitators, who explain the process and the reasoning behind it. LSP is not about being the most skilled engineer; it is about discovering what you don’t know you know!

The LSP method is most effective when being used to answer a complex problem with no obvious solution, with a manager who is ready to gain insight from their employees.


  • Guaranteed 100% participation
  • Discover new knowledge; find out what you don’t know you know
  • Increase commitment to decisions made together and enhance implmentation of these decisions
  • Get to know each other in new and exciting ways
  • Make learning about different perspectives people hold fun and non-threatening

Content includes

  • An introduction to the LSP methodology
  • Building skills with LEGO® bricks
  • Identifying the three distinct types of imagination
  • Discovering new knowledge
  • Combining ideas into a landscape to see how they fit together and finding a unanimously agreeable solution or solutions.

What to know more?

If you would like to know more about how Lego(R) SeriousPlay(R) could work in your organisation, get in touch and we can catch up for a coffee!