Designed especially to meet the unique needs of those change agents who are at the centre of ripples of transformational change. We know what that takes from you and of you, because its what we do.

We know that transformational change can seem like hard work, but it doesn’t have to take an exacting toll on you. In fact, when you ‘let go’ of the need to create change, it becomes much easier. This doesn’t mean you stop caring. It means you learn to care and generate transformational change differently.

Ripples…nurturing yourself and leading change is designed especially to meet the unique needs of those change agents who are at the centre of ripples of change.

If you are currently or about to lead a major change initiative that really has to be effective (or maybe want to learn lessons from a recent one), join us in this group coaching program that is confidential, challenging and supportive.

Our intention is to assist you to learn more about nurturing your own energy and leading edge transformational change practices and tools to help you succeed.

Registrations are being encouraged for new program commencing mid 2016.

Who is invited

In order to participate in this inaugural process you need to be:

  • Leading a current transformational change process or be contributing to one.
  • Have previously done so and wish to learn from the lessons which came from the experience.
  • You are about to start a transformational change process and want to ensure you have the most up to date tools and insights to help you succeed.

Above all you must be willing to share with others, learn and be open to new ways of thinking, doing and being.

For example you may be a Senior HR, OD and L&D manager or practitioner; a Sustainability Manager; or an organisational change agent 

Each group will be strictly limited to six members.

Content & Benefits

Group coaching works when those involved are facing and able to discuss similar challenges. Our group focus is leading transformational change. The space you will create together is one where you are able to bring your own issues and challenges to be coached by the group and our Master Coach.

You will learn and practice:

  • Various group dialogue practices (e.g. group dialogue, Nancy Kline’s Time to Think Council).
  • A specific case study process to present your personal leadership challenge to the group and benefit from their feedback and insights.
  • The adaptive leadership framework in the context of real cultural change initiatives.
  • ‘Seeing’ the system using systems thinking approaches.
  • Develop your own coaching skills further as you coach your peers in the group under the guidance of your Master Coach.

These processes and tools will be applicable to your own situations as you move your own transformational change challenges forward.

Beyond learning processes and tools, expect to develop yourself personally too. Ripples can work in both directions – outwards to others and inwards to yourself.

Depending upon the topics brought to the group, the Master Coach will distribute appropriate reading to help inform the conversation and learning. She will also be available for short phone calls or emails in between coaching sessions.

Your Master Coach - Josie McLean, PCC
Josie-SquareJosie is the founder and principal consultant and coach of The Partnership with 18 years of transformational change experience.

She is internationally recognised for her expertise in leadership and coaching and was awarded the International Coach Federation’s “Presidents Award 2009”.

She is also a natural systems thinker who has been applying the adaptive leadership framework in her client’s organisational transformational initiatives for over 10 years.

Josie is always at the leading edge of her field of practice.

Personally she is practical and fun loving. She appreciates sound thinking and sound practice.

Josie will bring her deep listening skills and wisdom to nurture transformational conversations for you.

You can download her full profile here.

Session Structure

Unless the group decides otherwise (and it is free to do so with group agreement), each 3 hour agenda will comprise:

  • A round robin of ‘hot issues’’ from all group members;
  • Followed by an hour “leadership for transformational change case study and consultation” focussed on one member and the consultation provided by the group including our Master Coach.
  • An introduction to and discussion of new leading edge leadership and transformational change practices to apply in your workplace.

Each member will have the opportunity to present their full leadership challenge case study once within the life of the group.


The investment for RIPPLES is $2800 (plus GST) per person. (Payment via monthly instalments can be arranged – contact us.)

When & Where

RIPPLES will commence mid 2016 for an initial period of seven coaching sessions, once per month from 9am – noon on a day that suits all group members. (To be negotiated once you express your interest).

We will meet at The Partnership office, Level 10, 185 Victoria Square, Adelaide and if sufficient interest is expressed by change agents unable to attend in person, we will consider a ‘virtual’ group employing teleconference technology.

More information

Want to know more about what group coaching is, how it works and how the sessions will be run?

Click here to download a copy of our Ripples Information Booklet.

Register your Interest

If this invitation to RIPPLES sounds attractive, please complete the Registration of Interest form below.

We will then contact you to set up a personal 30 minute conversation with Josie to explore what you would like to gain from the program and ensure its suitability for you at this time.

Registrations are being encouraged for a new program commencing mid 2016.

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