Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching

Co-edited by Alison Whybrow, Eve Turner, Dr Josie McLean, and Professor Peter Hawkins, Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching takes the reader on a seven-day journey with 60 coaches and thought-leaders from around the world. This book provides methods for adapting your practice, reframing your work, and moving from ‘Eco-curious’ through ‘Eco-informed’ and ‘Eco-aware’ to ‘Eco-active’.

Explore the difference that coaching can make in the world as a result of greater eco-awareness and systemic understanding. This book will encourage discussion, raise awareness, and increase confidence about stepping into a leadership role.

Featuring powerful stories from around the world, and with a treasure trove of resources and practical tools and methods, supported by reflective and practical exercises, this book will be an inspiring read not only for those involved in coaching, supervision, mentoring and leadership development, but also for leaders.

Praise for Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching

‘Raising awareness and knowledge around the urgency of the climate emergency and creating safe and challenging space to reflect and act is what we can and need to do. This challenging, and, by design, “uncomfortable” book offers just that – frameworks, tools, techniques that would allow anybody to understand the eco-phase cycle and find their way in contributing to the lasting solution.’
Magdalena Nowicka Mook, CEO, International Coaching Federation

‘In our work, some of the richest material are the things not being talked about. And chief among those is climate change. How can coaches and mentors be concerned for the wellbeing of their clients if they avoid discussing the very environment in which the work takes place? This fascinating dialogue explores ways to open up a vital conversation that underpins the flourishing of us all. By turns philosophical, practical, spiritual and realistic, this fascinating and necessary read offers productive ways out of denial and into action.’
Margaret HeffernanCEO and Author, Wilful Blindness and Uncharted

‘A very timely and forward-looking collective masterpiece reminding us to redefine the role of our profession when it comes to focus on what needs to be sustained. The book inspires us all about how the world could be a better place when, as humans, we start living in harmony with ourselves and with the universe surrounding us. So a great companion in our journey from ego-centric to an eco-centric way of life…’
Dr Riza KadilarEMCC Global President

Big Little Shifts

Dr. Josie McLean’s “Big Little Shifts: A Practitioners Guide to complexity for organisational change and adaptation”.

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What readers are saying (it’s good!)

Really enjoyed this book and looking forward to reading it again, given all the takeaways. Great and practical insights on contributing to transformational change through engagement of others and adaptive leadership approaches. Very relevant for business strategy or social movements. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to support change through evidence informed leadership effort.
Kate Rush

An easy to digest workbook on change leadership in complex times. This pragmatic book introduces the concept of the leader as a gardener, cultivating desirable attributes and potential within their organisations. It discusses the joys of living life experimentally, trusting the process and being comfortable with change – Plus as every workbook should, it has plenty of practical activities to help the practitioner develop their capabilities in these areas.
Faith Coleman

Across Friday and Saturday I read your book. I loved it. So well written, so easy to understand and such good sense. So very useful. I’ve highlighted and written in there (very difficult for me to do in a lovely new book, but I saw such parallels with the work we’re doing and great reminders and points to focus on, that I was fully engaged and needing to get the pencil – not pen – and highlighter into action) and thoroughly enjoyed the read. Very inspiring and such great guidance.” 
Sarah Rhead, Manager Organisational Development, Helping Hand.

“I highly recommend this easy to read, practical and transformative book from Josie McLean, PhD. If you are looking at transforming your organisation or adapting to changes in this unprecedented times, this is the book for you. The reflection questions at the end of each chapter are thought provoking.” 
Boo Hooi Jimmy Khoo, Senior Project Officer, Program Development & Delivery at Department for Correctional Services.

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