Organisational Transformation

The Cultivation of Profound Change is a holistic package that overcomes the barriers to organisational transformation, so that you and your organisation can flourish into the future.

A flourishing organisational culture is one where people are innovative, adaptive, learning and joyful. They care for their own people and their customers. And the money follows that caring. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

But barriers seem to get in the way. Typically our clients are experiencing all or some of the following:

  • Lack of engagement with the vision, values and need for change.
  • The “knowing – doing” gap that many managers and leaders experience. They know what needs to be done, but don’t quite get to doing it.
  • Employees who are not speaking up and stepping up, for whatever reasons.

Our systemic approach can help you overcome the barriers to cultural change.

We have an exceptional track record of guiding organisations through transformational change to evolve flourishing organisational cultures that enable people to bring their whole selves to work in service to the purpose of your organisation.

Our services fall into two broad categories – leadership development programs and specialised interventions.



Image: people participating in one of our organisational transformation programs

Leadership programs

Leadership and culture influence each other. For organisational transformation to occur, ‘leaders’ need to understand how to consciously influence a culture and then do it. Our programs enable this outcome.

For executives

Introduction to Profound Change

This program may challenge what you and your executive think they know about leading change – to evolve your culture towards the state you are seeking may require the organisation to change the way it thinks about and leads change.

This two-day program introduces what The Cultivation of Profound Change could mean for you and your organisation.

Conversations of Profound Change

This small group coaching program is a guided conversation, in which the executive team can review how they are exercising their leadership, as individuals and as a team. This is more than the usual strategic planning conversation – it’s a deeper discussion to uncover those facets of working together that we might think go unnoticed and have no impact on others.

This program unfolds over 6 months and enables the emergence of a shared understanding of what the organisational capacity needs to be for your organisation to be that which is being called into being by the future.

For managers

Leadership for success

Conducted over a nine-month period, this program helps create enough time and support for you to really think through and implement alternative management and leadership practices that will nurture a space for your people to contribute their best. We help you with leading-edge theory and practice that enable you to cultivate the conditions for transformational change to emerge in your people and teams. We help you bridge the ‘knowing-doing’ gap.

For everyone


You want your work life to be connected to what is important to you and enable your greatest contribution to your organisation to make a real difference in the world. When it is, you are engaged, productive and your energy is sustained for the long-term enabling you to flourish.

This program is delivered over nine sessions, usually three weeks apart to allow people time to reflect and implement ideas, resulting in significant life choices that encompass work.

Envisioning your desired culture

It’s common to create top-down visions about what you want to achieve, but less common to envision together about how you want to achieve them. This program does what is not usually done. In your hearts, you know the experience of work (culture) that will nurture you and enable you to flourish.

Get in touch with us to talk about where you would like your organisation to be heading and we will tailor an envisioning program for you and your team or entire organisation.

Image: people participating in one of our organisational transformation programs

Specialised interventions

It’s not uncommon for you to feel the invisible pressure in your organisation to not do – or challenge – something. This is evidence of the existing culture at work – the deeply held beliefs and assumptions that are holding you and your existing culture in place – in the past.

Facilitated adaptive processes

We design and facilitate adaptive interventions that bring unconscious beliefs about your organisational culture into the light of day and  ‘hold the space’ in a facilitative sense, for people to discuss and decide if these specific assumptions will serve them well in the future – or not. It’s this choice that allows people to do their own adaptive work and be a part of an emergent and evolving the culture for the future.

Other coaching-related services for executives and teams

The Partnership’s expertise has grown from a deep understanding of change that emerges through coaching approaches. We offer a range of individual, team and group-based coaching programs that reflect this significant legacy and that serve to address specific issues or skill development needs in leading and managing people. All will serve to evolve your organisation’s culture.

Get in touch to arrange an initial meeting to find the most appropriate intervention or coaching program for you and your organisation.


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