Leadership Workshops

In these complex times, are you looking for simple leadership but effective principles to bring out the best in yourself, your people and your organisation?

Leading and managing people was never such a challenging pursuit as it is today. Through our three leadership workshops, we provide you with leading-edge principles and tools that will enable you to perform at your best and lead others to do.

We have designed the following three leadership workshops to be complete within themselves, so you can attend any or all workshops and not feel that you’ve missed something or are relearning the same material:

  • Workshop 1: Self awareness within a living system
  • Workshop 2: Setting people up for success within a systems view
  • Workshop 3: Introduction to adaptive leadership in a living system

The material for our leadership workshops are snippets from our flagship program ‘Leadership for Success’ which is underpinned by 16 years experience of executive coaching, 6 years of successful ‘in person’ programs and over 15 years of research.

These workshops are a professional development opportunity for your to raise your self awareness and develop your leadership skills within a ‘systems thinking’ paradigm.

Click on the headings below to learn more about the opportunity to sample this program over three half day workshops.

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Self awareness within a living system

This ½ day workshop explores the three major resources you have at your disposal with which to exercise your leadership:

  1. Your strengths;
  2. Your values and passion; and
  3. Your thoughts and the way you see the world.

You will leave clearer about who you are and why the emerging paradigm of ‘living systems’ reinforces the importance of authentic leadership.

Setting people up for success with a systems view

This half day workshop identifies what you as the manager, can and need to take responsibility for as you set your people up for success.  We explore:

1.     A systems view and help you ‘see the system’; and

2.     Identify the extent of your responsibility in setting people up for success.

You will leave clear about your role and responsibility in setting your people up for success.



Introduction to adaptive leadership in a living system

This half day workshop is an introduction to the key concepts and distinctions of the adaptive leadership framework that acknowledges society and organisations as living systems. Learn how to:

1.     Identify an adaptive challenge; and

2.     Respond when faced with an adaptive challenge.

With this one workshop you will increase your chances of succesfully leading major change initiatives.


Your Facilitators

Josie is the founder and principal consultant and coach of The Partnership. She is internationally recognised for her  expertise in leadership and coaching. Practical and fun loving, Josie will bring her deep listening skills and years of experience to guide you on your path.

Sam is a combination of deep thinking and generosity of spirit – you will have access to a thought leader in the field of contemporary people management.

Download Josie’s and Sam’s full profiles.


When, where and how much?

All sessions will be delivered at The Partnership’s office (Level 10, 185 Victoria Square, Adelaide).

  1. Self awareness within a living system
    Friday 10 June, 1pm – 5pm
  2. Setting people up for success within a systems view
    Friday 8 July, 1pm – 5pm
  3. Introduction to adaptive leadership in a living system
    Friday 12 August, 1pm – 5pm

You may attend one, two or all three workshops.

Investment per workshop is $480 (including GST). Receive a 25% discount for attending all three workshops for only $1,080 (including GST).

Please indicate in the registration form below if you would like to pay via invoice


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Places are strictly limted to only 10 participants for each workshop. Sam and Josie will be facilitating each workshop together, so these workshops represent an unusual opportunity to work with both together outside of their usual organisational environment.

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