Big Little Shifts – 2nd Birthday Chapter!

Adaptation has never been so important as it is now, in the disruptive wake of the COVID-19 onset. We are undergoing a whole systems change. The far-reaching impacts on our complex, uncertain world pose questions that individual leaders are unable to answer on their own.

We need a different approach.

The term adaptation comes from the study of natural ecologies, and a complexity (or living systems) approach enables organisations to respond to external changes and evolve their internal culture in ways that support relevance and survival into the future. Engaging with change in this way also nurtures people – it liberates possibilities, creativity, productivity and satisfaction. The lens of complexity alters the way we think about the role of leadership and even how we understand the term ‘change’.

This book is for leaders who want to hold the space for change, people who see themselves as agents of change, and government teams working in complex policy areas like sustainability, education and health.

Drawing on 15 years of practical experience, this ‘how-to’ book offers a comprehensive approach to facilitating emergent change and transformation.

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