Catalysing Systemic Transformation

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Since the publication of The Limits to Growth more than 50 years humanity has known what needs to be done. We think we know how to lead change, but very few do. If I was wrong about that statement, would we be in the mess we are in now? 

Rethinking how we change is a part of the change required now.  A paradigm shift from unsustainable to sustainable or even regenerative, requires a paradigm shift in personal thinking, culture and the structures we employ, solve problems and organise ourselves.  

We have to change our own thinking and being to respond to questions such as: 

  • How can we make the changes we need now? 
  • How can we influence internally and externally in our councils? 
  • How can we speed up the change/transformation? 

The easiest way to change a system is to work with the group that represents your system of interest to: 

  1. Help people see how they themselves are contributing to the mess and need to change – and that includes you.
  2. Help them perceive a gap between where we are now and the co-created values-based vision of the desired future. 
  3. Guide them to commit to remaining connected as they learn their way forward. 

Register for this event to co-design:
Catalysing Systemic Transformation

I invite you to join me in this complimentary 90-minute workshop to explore how I can support your change processes in a way that catalyses real systemic transformation. 

Let’s transform together, you, me – WE. 

Date: 26 October 2022

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm Adelaide time.

Zoom meeting link: will be sent to you on registration

P.S. you may be interested in the following resources before you leave too 

  • Last week’s blog, that identifies when you need to work by telling change and engaging people for change. 
  • Systems article I mentioned during the APN webinar – One way forward to beat the Newtonian Habit (same principles apply in community as an organisation. An organisation is just a community with a common purpose – hopefully)) 
  • “Big Little Shifts: A practitioners guide to complexity and organisational change and adaptation” can be purchased here
  • Request a copy of my award winning thesis that successfully explored catalysing transformation at the City of Marion (the file is too large to include as a download here).