Big Little Shifts for Systemic Coaching – 2022

An intimate program for professional organisational coaches from the vanguard of systemic practice.

With all the changes we’ve been through in the last 24 months, from the personal to global scale, organisations are facing the need for systemic changes, the likes of which haven’t been experienced in generations.

Our sense of control is being challenged, as is our understanding of how to plan and lead in uncertainty.

Our understanding of leadership is evolving, as we question who exercises it and how.

Our appreciation of our organisations as living social systems is usurping the old metaphor of an organisation as a machine.

These changes have implications for your coaching with individuals, teams, and organisations. This is the evolutionary leap required now.

Big Little Shifts for Systemic Coaching, a leading edge, intimate, and personalised development program will significantly enhance your organisational coaching practice. It has been tailored to cater for a small group of like-minded people, allowing Josie to work closely with each person involved.

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Big Little Shifts for Systemic Coaching is for you if you…

  • are an experienced coach looking to increase the value of what you deliver to your clients,
  • are seeking to stay at the leading edge of your practice as the need and desire for systemic coaching is proliferating in organisations,
  • want to understand how to apply the concepts of complexity (or living systems) to your pragmatic practice,
  • want to help your clients (and yourself) work with less stress in uncertainty,
  • recognise that traditional management by command and control has involved a trade-off with innate human creativity and adaptability.

Program overview

  • Delivered primarily via 6 x 3.5-hour small group coaching sessions fortnightly, with Dr. Josie McLean. (19.5 hours total)
  • 2 hours of reading or viewing in between sessions (12 hours total)
  • Up to 1 hour of journaling in response to fieldwork assignments to be submitted to Josie for accreditation of CCEs
  • 1 hour to prepare a systemic Case Study to present to the group (1 hour, once only)

Registrations for 2022 program are now open

Not sure if this program is quite right for you?

You might like to sign up for my free, five day video series entitled Coaching Leaders from Controlling to Innovating. It will give you a flavour of the content in the larger, Big Little Shifts for Systemic Coaching.