Noticing our internal and habitual patterns


I’ve just come off a small group call where we discussed the ways in which we each need to disrupt ourselves and in a sense reinvent ourselves to lead change more effectively.

This work involves revealing really basic and very early patterning around beliefs such as “good people … don’t show other people up” or “good bosses …. always support their people” or “blue collar people …. just come to work for the money”. These deep patterns, once revealed to us and by us, can help us all move more freely and powerfully to lead the differences in our organisations and the world that we care most about.

The inner work that enables and supports the outer work. But i find that description hides the depth to which these seemingly simple ‘rules’ are deeply embedded into our nervous systems and habitual ways of being. How can we ‘let them go’ or more to the point, reduce their hold on us?

These patterns are also implicated in systemic changes. The patterns are what we need to disrupt.

I wonder if you have noticed these simple, yet deep, patterns too? Not all adaptive challenges are ‘out there’ … What difference may it make if you were able to be less of a captive to habitual reactions? How can we ‘recode’ our patterns?

Please contact me if you would like to add some degrees of freedom to your leadership.

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