Riding the wave of change


We have been swamped by changes this year! Many people feel like a giant wave is crashing down on them.

And yet, 2021 holds more changes because the world is going to continue adapting to the pandemic inspired responses. Disruption and continuous change is predicted into the foreseeable future.

And there are planned changes emerging for many organisations in response to issues already highlighted by the pandemic. These responses include changing business models, flexible working, moves to more online delivery processes and organisational restructures as staffing needs alter. Many of these changes will require everyone to continue doing the adaptive work of assessing what to hold on to and what to let go of.

With everyone (likely including you) tired and just a bit ‘over it’, it’s time to check your ‘leading change’ capability.

What if it was possible to make some little shifts in the way you go about managing in your team that would enable you to get some big outcomes?

What if you could ride that wave like a surfer instead of being dumped by it?

What if change was the source of excitement and enthusiasm, growth and development, engagement and satisfaction?

Little ShiftBig Outcome
Know when to consult.Don’t waste time consulting when you don’t need to. Be more focussed and purposeful in your engagement strategies.
Not all changes are the same in nature – some challenge existing beliefs.Engage in conversations that enable people to change their beliefs and behaviours and gain from their ideas too. Identify and get passed the blockers to positive energy.
People don’t resist change – they resist the loss of something they value.Engage in conversations to help people weigh up the pro’s and con’s of adapting. Enable people to adapt and reduce the ‘blocking’ of energy for change.
Let go of being responsible for it all.Engage others do that their sense of responsibility lifts and your sense of stress reduces. Co-create more effectively. Add their energy to yours.
Recognise you have just one perspective.Engage others to hear different perspectives and use this process to generate more creative and innovative experiments. Generate more energy.
Enable people to work to strengths and passions.This makes people feel stronger and more confident. They are more tenacious when solving tough challenges and more creative. It’s the source of an innovative culture and more energy.

These little shifts are changes in the way you think and lead your people. They are changes in habitual ways of doing things that our changing world is now challenging.

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