Success or failure is never alone


It is tempting, isn’t it, to think of ourselves as singular individuals with our own fears, concerns, aspirations and resources. We are taught in our society that we each need to be independent and stand on our own two feet.

But increasingly in my work and life, I am recognising how interdependent we all are and our singular focus on ourselves gets in our way so much. It is so self-limiting. We each have unique qualities (strengths or talents) and we all have different interests or areas of passionate concern. We really don’t need to be concerned about whether we are good enough or better than.

What we might focus our attention on instead is “how can we work with each other and benefit from each other?”.

Increasingly, I think the issue of how to collaborate or work together is the central challenge of our age. How to support, encourage and celebrate each other.

Even if we think we have achieved something alone – it is impossible for anyone to truly be alone.