High performance and the pressure of expectations


This morning I have had two experiences collide.

The Rio Olympics are coming to a close and the Australian obsession (that becomes apparent every four years) with “who is to blame for us not winning as much gold as we expected (and paid for)?” is in full flight.

The second is a question that arose during our most recent Ignite webinar centred on the metaphor we often employ for life and self-development – the metaphor of a journey.

These may seem unlikely elements to be connected. But I wonder if they are and the catalyst for that wonder was the photo shown above. Bolt just having fun! Playing!

You know, maybe life is not a journey with a destination – maybe it’s just to play, experience and enjoy. Maybe the striving and expectations involved in that striving diminish high performance. It’s the wrong state of mind. This may of course be at the heart of the Australian team’s performance where expectations do not allow for play. I don’t know, I am just curious.

There is much, much more that I could say here – but I must go and enjoy myself! 🙂

You might like to watch this video about that metaphor.