Getting people off autopilot in your organisation


Autopilot – our term for living and working in an unquestioning and largely unconscious manner.

Many people in the organisations in which we have and are currently working, are working and living on autopilot. Perhaps you are too? You know the feeling, get up go to work, do what you usually do, go home…. do the same thing tomorrow.

There is little imagination, creativity or passion in this existence on autopilot. It comes at other costs including a reliance on the way that things that have always been done; low levels of motivation and engagement; and relatively low levels of productivity.

Is this the way it was meant to be? I don’t think so. This is a way of working that emerged from the industrial revolution – standardised jobs for standardised people.

The problem is that there really aren’t any standardised people! Each one of us is unique.

My previous blog,  “Living your dream” is set within an entrepreneurial context however not everyone is designed for the entreprenuer’s life.  But that doesn’t mean that people or employees can’t find meaning and purpose within an organisation – your organisation.

Your organisation can cultivate the human environment in which employees can develop a strong sense of meaning and purpose – and offer them opportunies for deep satisfaction and personal growth.

Can you imagine what your organisation would be like if the people within it were as strongly and fully engaged in their work as Chris and Jess?





Organisations also gain significant benefit when the process of discovering individual meaning and purpose takes place within the context of the difference that the business/organisation desires to make in the world too.

  • How can your people make their greatest contribution to your organisation?
  • How can you cultivate a human environment that will enable that contribution to be made?

These are key questions we can assist in discovering your own answers to. 

Contact me directly for more information about our specifically cutomised inhouse programs, or consider supporting your employees to join us on Ignite … bringing your whole self to work or one of our other leadership development workshops to enable you, your employees and your organisation to flourish.

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