Are you grappling with how to change the culture?


Our clients grapple with the question of how to change the culture because the world is changing so quickly around them. Their organisations need to learn how to adapt more quickly to remain relevant and survive. The nature of this adaption is typically identified as:

  1. A need to shift from an inward focus to a more outward, customer service focus; and/or
  2. A need to overcome the negative effects of functional silos and reintegrate with a ‘one team’ or ‘whole of organisation’ approach.

Our clients are not alone in struggling with ‘changing the culture’. Research shows 70-90% organisational change initiatives are unsuccessful – and our client’s people are often so weary moving from one failed (or only partially successful) change initiative after another.

We can offer a way forward, enabling your organisation to join the 10%-30% of successful change initiatives. Our programs evolve your organisational culture to develop the adaptability you desire and cap it off with additional benefits like:

  • increased realised potential;
  • increased responsibility, achievement and productivity;
  • increased creativity and innovation;
  • increased quality and customer service; and
  • an increased sense of being one whole organisation

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We have spent over 10 years researching and practicing how to deliver these outcomes through two types of services:

  1. leadership development programs; and
  2. facilitating perception shifting conversations with staff.

It’s shifting people’s perceptions that enables real transformational change to emerge.

Our processes and principles are founded in the understanding of how natural living systems work. Rather than seeing your organisation as a machine, we work with it as a living system. This paradigm shift in the way the organisation is perceived challenges much of the received wisdom regarding how to manage people to get the best from them and how to lead change.

The paradigm shift we explore may be described in part as:

From a mechanistic paradigm          To a living systems paradigm

Seeing parts                                                    Seeing wholes

People as a package of skills                       People as a whole with innate strengths

Seeking control                                              Seeking to influence

Doubting                                                         Trusting

Working on auto-pilot                                 Working with greater awareness

Imposing change                                           Co-creating emergent change

We hold the space for you and your people to learn more about how to create a human environment in which people can bring their whole selves to work and flourish. Our work awakens people and teams to contribute their skills and strengths in a meaningful way – in service to your organisation.

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