Caring and Purpose: cradles for better business and a better world


Leaders who are interested in productivity, innovation and providing an attractive workplace, could liberate all these qualities with one very simple exercise… Helping people to identify and then live their own life purpose. As the organisation opens itself to embrace their people’s purpose; it will also find that the organisation purpose expands in ways that meets everyone’s needs.

It has long been accepted that an organisation should be clear on its purpose. But whether that is expressed clearly in practice is a different matter.

Organisations have tried one basic tactic in the past to engage their people in their purpose. And that has involved various forms of ‘telling’. The telling has become much more sophisticated as communications and media graduates have become involved. But it is still telling. And as I have coached CEO’s and executives, many have struggled with the question of how to engage their people in the business vision and purpose.

A new path is emerging.

Over the past 5 years we have been working within our client organisations to guide their people to identify individual and personal purposes.

Working with individual purposes has delivered many benefits including:

  • Increased engagement and employee satisfaction;
  • Increased productivity; and
  • Greater creativity and innovation in caring for ‘customers’

But we are also starting to notice something else.

As the organisation’s people connect their own purpose to the organisational purpose, the purpose expands.

It is expanding from a profit only centered purpose, to a profit and people centered purpose. Evidence is emerging that for a few, the purpose is expanding even further to embrace environmental concerns too. (Note this is an expansion of purpose – not a replacement.)

We believe this is occurring because as people identify their own purpose and live it within the organization, they start exercising their own leadership for the things they care about. The reason the benefits listed above emerge is because people connect with the organisation at the level of their hearts. If they are in the right organisation, this means they will use their initiative for the things that the organisation cares about too and move beyond existing values and practices.

The expansion is not a chaotic one. It has a coherence about it, because it is emerging from the whole organisation and enables the organisation to adapt with changing times and needs.

As I said, it’s simple and not always easy, because it is a cultural change. But if you are interested to understand how we might guide you and contribute to you and your people, please contact me here.