Profound Change! Why should you care?


The Cultivation of Profound Change website details how we can help you overcome common barriers to organisational cultural change.

And if you are also concerned about our global and local unsustainability issues, then you will be really interested!

But there are heaps of cultural change programs! Yes, and many are not effective…

Two big reasons.

1. 70-90% of all change initiatives fail! So it’s something many have struggled with for years. And maybe it is something you are struggling with too. It’s complex and messy.

2. Cultural change for sustainability is a specific case or type of cultural change that we have researched extensively for 10 years. Not putting too fine a point on it: we are experts in this emerging field.

The common barriers to real change centre on an inability to effectively:

1. Really reach the hearts and minds of people so that they change their day to day work practices; and
2. Surface and challenge the cultural assumptions, rooted in the past, that have become buried in the unconscious of the organisation. Many of these are the ‘cause’ behind business practices that are contributing to our unsustainability.

Our Cultivation of Profound Change program addresses each of these barriers.

We have delivered the entire process in two organisations, the City of Marion and HomeStart Finance to date with success. Both these organisations have supported us in developing an overview of the essence of our work. And we thank them sincerely for their assistance.  Click through to the opening video on the website and gain an insight into the significant benefits of Profound Change. (It’s only 60 seconds long, you don’t even need a cup of coffee!).

An insight into why and how our Profound Change program works is provided in a new whitepaper

It’s titled What if everything you thought you knew about organisational transformation was ‘false’? and it’s being offered to all new subscribers. (You can sign up by entering your email address in the top right hand corner of this page.)

Interested to explore how you and your organisation may make a larger contribution and reap the benefits too?

Please contact me – I’d love to talk with you.

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