Authenticity: a pathway to flourishing


Authenticity is a hot topic in leadership development at present. But I would like to suggest that authenticity is important for reasons greater than its apparent links with corporate profits. Authenticity is a pathway to a sustainable future.

There was a great article today online at about authenticity. It lists 10 behaviours of authentic people and bemoans that fact that today it seems rather difficult to find truly authentic people.

Guiding people to rediscover their authentic selves is a core part of our work because of its links to sustainability as we understand it.

How can you be sustainable (whole and complete) if you are not authentic and true to yourself? How can our society be sustainable if we are ourselves forever wearing masks and not revealing those things that truly matter to us? Not standing for the facets of our lives that make the greatest contribution to experiencing life as a human?

Being authentic means being brave in our modern western worlds. Its not always easy being someone who  speaks openly and honesty from the heart. And yet we must not cower and hide ourselves in an effort to

I also read Margie Worrell’s article this morning about 5 ways to build bravery at work where she suggests that bravery is a skill that we must practice. I agree. Practicing “saying ‘no’ from our deepest conviction…” teaches us that the world will not stop spinning when we stand for what is important. And so our confidence grows.

This is the heart of Profound Change – the source of a transformation that will allow you to be truly free, that will sustain you and also enable you to evolve a sustainable state as you stand for what is most important.