Beyond Kotter’s HBR Accelerate: a complexity perspective


Its one thing to criticise – another thing to offer an alterntive!

You may recall in a blog in 2012, I critiqued John Kotter’s latest missive on 8 steps to change with 8 accelerators. I found it encouraging but lacking – because it continues to cling to the old paradigm of change and although showing signs of acknowledging what we have learned about the behaviour of complex or living systems, it doesn’t go far enough. You can click through to the original blog here.

(BTW, I have been blown away by the number of international hits this blog receives – every month, in excess of 30,000!)

So, if you have been drawn here because of your interest in leading real organisational change with less stress and more effectiveness, then click through here.

Three years in development – our own model and facilitated process, peer reviewed by systems thinking scientists and an empirically tested alternative.

Its titled One Way Forward to Beat the Newtonian Habit with a Complexity Perspective on Organisational Change. (I know its not a marketing winner… but who cares, if it works?).

Its an open access journal so its free to download.