Most CEOs are aware their organisation has dormant potential and desire to bring it to life. We provide a number of programs that previous clients testify deliver a positive ROI.


“I watched our leadership group transform… from just a few… to over 90% constructive leaders –  It was just amazing.”

– CEO, Local Government


Benefits from our programs include…




Leadership & Trump: What can we learn?

What can we learn about leadership from Trump? I could sit back and howl at those who elected Trump – or I could learn from it. I choose to learn. Keep reading if you’d also like to discover what you might learn too. Heifetz (author of my favourite leadership framework) makes a clear distinction between the ...

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Josie McLean, Principal Consultant & Coach

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  • How can we achieve a sustainable city through Intentional Communities?

    Josie is a panel member at this free public discussion, sponsored by Adelaide City Council, on Friday 16th September 2016 at 6pm.

    What is the importance of culture in the development of Intentional Communities and Sustainable Cities?

    Learn more…

  • 5th Australian Positive Psychology Conference 2016

    Josie is presenting on Thursday 22 September 3pm

    The Conscious Workplace: Beyond Mindfulness and Greening in Small/Medium Business

    Learn more….

  • GCWAL / ALARA Learning for Change and Innovation World Congress

    Josie is presenting at this conference 7-9th November 2016

    How can an organisation learn its way to becoming ‘sustaining’?

    Learn more…

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