Our Profound Change program cultivates the conditions to form organisations that sustain employees, communities and the natural environment.

Our systemic approach sees and works with the whole, rather than individual parts of your organisation to deliver tangible results.

Profound Change! Why should you care?

The Cultivation of Profound Change website details how we can help you overcome common barriers to organisational cultural change. And if you are also concerned about our global and local unsustainability issues, then you will be really interested! But there are heaps of cultural change programs! Yes, and many are not effective… Two big reasons. 1. 70-90% of all change ...

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Josie McLean, Principal

T: +61 8 8218 4880

Office location:

Level 10, 185 Victoria Square


PO Box 192

  • World Environment Day Friday 5th June 2015

    Panel including Josie discussing Sustainable Cities through Intentional Communities.

    Adelaide City Library – 5.15pm

    Free registration here.

  • Adelaide Pecha Kucha

    Marion Cultural Centre – 7pm, Wed 4 May 2015

    Great speakers including Josie talking about “The inside story of sustainability”

  • Keynote speaker in Taipei

    Josie has been invited as a keynote speaker at the ICF Taiwan conference in early December.

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